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by The Aceclicks Team Unlock Tips Published On Dec 22, 2023 Updated On Dec 22, 2023
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It's become very common for schools to give iPads to teachers and students to enable learning and productivity both in and out of the classroom. But what good is a device if you're unable to do fun things on it or customize it a little?

I've had a lot of niches and nephews come to me with this issue, so I can understand how you'd be feeling. If you're looking for some ways to remove school restrictions on an iPad, we've got just the trick. Let's continue on our guide and see what school restrictions are all about and how to get past them!

Everything About the Restrictions on School iPad

An MDM restriction on a school iPad allows the administrator to restrict what can be done with the device. These restrictions can include apps, USB connections, hotspots, cellular plans, the devices you can link to the iPad, wallpaper, and more. You need the ID and password if you want to override the MDM restriction.

If you want to be able to do something other than what's allowed, you're going to have to contact your IT administrator or get a professional third-party tool that does the job for you. Luckily, that's what my guide is all about.

Everything About the Restrictions on School iPad

Why Would You Want to Remove Restrictions from iPad

Removing restrictions from a school or work iPad isn't as uncommon as one may think. There are many reasons why a person might choose to do so. Here are a few of them:

Security Concerns

Many people who change the restrictions on their iPad do so due to security reasons. Administrators have access to their information and can potentially misuse it if they want to. To prevent this from happening, they remove the restrictions and prevent any access to their data.

Outdated Restrictions

In some cases, students are using their own iPad in schools. When they graduate from school, there is a risk that the school could use their information for the wrong purposes or still have access to their accounts. This is why many people choose to remove restrictions and wipe the device before handing it back after graduation.

Personal Preference

Sometimes, having someone else in control of your device can cause a lot of anxiety. Some people are just used to being in control of their own devices and don't want to be monitored by an organization. Maybe they just want a new wallpaper or a pink keyboard, but with restrictions, customization is impossible.

These are just a few of the reasons people choose to remove restrictions. If you feel you have something else that you need to get done, then it's just as important.

Contact the IT Department of Your School

The most direct way to get rid of school restrictions on your iPad is to get directly in touch with the IT department. They're the ones who are usually overseeing device management.

Since they have the credentials, they can easily remove the restrictions. However, you are going to have to give them a good enough reason for why you want them removed, and that can be daunting. If they are willing to help you, Here's what they need to do:

  1. Make your way to the settings app on your iPad and go to General Settings.
  2. Click on VPN & Device Management and look for a tab called 'Mobile Device Management or Profiles.' There will be several profiles under it. Check the ones that look suspicious.
  3. Once you find the app profile that's being used to monitor your device, click on it for more options. It'll show you all the restrictions and blocked permissions that have been limiting your iPad's functioning.
  4. Click on Remove Management at the bottom of your screen and enter the 6-digit passcode when you are asked for one.
  5. Enter the passcode and click on Remove Management again and wait for your MDM profile to be removed.
  6. Check your iPad to see if you can perform the functions you were previously restricted from.

Contact the IT Department of Your School

It really was that easy. But for this method to work, you need the 6-digit passcode that will be asked when removing the MDM lock.

And remember, if all else fails, you can always ask them to be lenient and consider removing some of the restrictions, if not all.

Remove School iPad Restrictions without Administration's Help

Let's face it. We've tried asking the administration at least once, and most of the time, they just flat-out refuse. So, what's next? Well, there are plenty of third-party apps that can help you out and remove restrictions in only a matter of minutes.

One of the best iPad MDM bypass tools out there is LockPass unlocker since it's compatible with all the iPadOS versions and has a high success rate for iPads. It's fairly easy to use and doesn't require any previous work (like jailbreaks). However, I recommend using the free trial to ensure compatibility before you go in with the real thing.

The best part? Removing the MDM restrictions only takes a few minutes. So let's get to using it:

  1. Download and install the LockPass unlocker tool onto your computer.
  2. From the options presented to you, click on Bypass MDM Lock.
  3. Connect the iPad to your computer using a lightning cable.
  4. Click Start to start bypassing.
  5. Once the iPad restarts, click Don't Transfer App & Data and then press Done.
  6. Now your MDM restrictions should be removed from your iPad. Check to confirm.

To Conclude

That was surely a ride. So, to sum it up, restrictions are put on school iPads so the administration can monitor what you're doing and ensure the devices are used for their intended purpose. However, there are many people who wish to remove these restrictions for various reasons.

The authentic way to remove restrictions is to either have the credentials to do it from settings or ask your school's IT department to do it. But there's no way to ensure compliance, and if they refuse, you can't just give up.

That's why you need professional tools like LockPass unlocker, that have been created for this purpose specifically. LockPass unlocker has a high success rate and can easily get rid of the restrictions and MDM lock for you. Just make sure to follow the instructions, and you're good to go. I know I'd be using LockPass unlocker, would you?

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