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anonymous data about your visit, including a unique identifier, which enables a website to recognize you upon your return. The information in the cookie can only be accessed or read by the website server that created it.

How does utilize cookies?

A cookie consists of an identifier (a sequence of letters and numbers) transmitted by a web server to a web browser, where it is stored. The identifier is then returned to the server each time the browser requests a page from that server.

There are two types of cookies: "persistent" and "session" cookies. A persistent cookie is saved by a web browser and remains valid until its predetermined expiration date unless the user deletes it before that date. A session cookie, on the other hand, expires when the user's browsing session concludes, and the web browser is closed.

In general, cookies do not hold any information that can personally identify a user. However, the personal data we keep about you may be connected to the information contained in and acquired from cookies.

We do not utilize cookies to gather irrelevant information. Furthermore, the cookies we employ will not cause harm to your computer. We refrain from storing cookies on your computer that possess identifiable sensitive information, such as credit card details.

We utilize cookies for the following reasons:

(a) Authentication - Cookies help us identify you as you visit and navigate our website

(b) Personalization - Cookies enable us to store data about your preferences and customize the website accordingly

(c) Advertising - Cookies assist us in displaying advertisements that are relevant to your interests

(d) Analysis - Cookies aid us in examining the usage and performance of our website and services

We employ Google Analytics to assess our website's usage. Google Analytics collects data on website usage through cookies. The information obtained concerning our website is utilized to generate reports about our website's performance. Google's privacy policy can be found at:

Most web browsers allow you to decline cookies and remove them. The methods for accomplishing this differ across browsers and versions. Up-to-date information on blocking and deleting cookies can be obtained via these links:

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