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What is iMocker?

iMocker is a desktop location changer that lets you change your iPhone's GPS location or fake natural GPS movement easily. It's perfect for apps and games that require GPS-enabled movement, such as Pokémon GO, Tinder, Life360, Find My iPhone and more.

Here's a list of features that you can enjoy with iMocker:

  1. Instantly teleport your iPhone's GPS location to anywhere in the world.
  2. Move along real roads and paths with simulated GPS movement.
  3. Simulate movement with the joystick feature.
  4. Change the GPS of up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  5. Import the GPX file to simulate the GPX track easily.
  6. Compatible with all iOS versions and devices.
  7. Add a favorites list to collect locations, customized routes, or GPX routes.

What is iMocker

Enabling Developer Mode for Devices Running iOS 16

The new updated version of iMocker is compatible with iOS 16, but you need to enable Developer mode on your device before it starts working. This isn't necessary for iOS 15 or older.

Here's what to do:

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy & Security on your iOS device.
  2. Scroll down to Developer Mode and choose it.
  3. Enable the mode by toggling the switch.
  4. Once you have received the prompt, restart your device.
  5. Unlock your device after restarting and change your GPS location as you want.

Enabling Developer Mode

Teleport iPhone's GPS Location to Any Place

With iMocker, you can teleport your GPS location to any place in the world. Here's how:

Step 1. Start by downloading and launching iMocker on your computer.

Step 2. Click on the "Start" button and connect your iOS device to the computer to initiate the process.

connect your iOS device

Step 3. In the newly opened window, look for a map displaying your current location. Enable "Teleport Mode" by clicking on the first icon in the upper right corner.

Teleport Mode

Step 4. Using the search bar, search for your desired location address or coordinates, and then click on the "Go" button.

search for your desired location address

Step 5. You'll find the chosen GPS location on the iMocker map. In the popup window, click on "Move Here" to teleport your GPS to the selected location.

Move Here

This will immediately change the GPS location of your iPhone. Open the Maps app on your device to check whether it happened or not.

location changed

Simulate the Two-Spots Movement

If this wasn't enough, iMocker also lets you fake movements from point A to point B according to the real paths and roads that are realistic, measurable, and fool any tracking apps.

Step 1. Start off by choosing the corresponding icon located in the upper right corner (the second icon) to access "One-Stop Mode."

One-stop Mode

Step 2. Pick a destination location on the map that you want to go to. A popup box will show the distance between the places and provide the coordinates of the destination. Click on "Move Here" to proceed.

Pick a location on the map

Step 3. Inside the new popup box, choose between two options: either repeat the same route (A—>B, A->B) or create a back-and-forth walk between the two points (A->B->A) with already set timings and a walking position that's more natural.

One-stop Mode settings

Step 4. Once you've picked the moving speed and the route you want to go to, click Start. And you'll start walking down that actual road. If you want to slow the movement down, simply adjust the speed, and for breaks, you can pause.

start walking down that actual road

Simulate Multiple Spots Movement

For multiple-spots movement, you need to make use of the Multi-Stops Mode of the tool. Here's how to enable it:

Step 1. To get started, pick "Multi-Stops Mode" in the upper right corner.

Multi-Stop mode

Step 2. Now add the stops for all the places you want to visit. It's better to pick spots along an actual path so games don't catch on.

Step 3. A popup box will show the distance between the places and provide the coordinates of the destination. Click on "Move Here" to proceed.

Multi-Spots move here

Step 4. Pick how many times you want the same route to be repeated and click on Start to begin moving.

Multi-Spots settings

Now you will start moving along this predetermined path. You can take stops in between or slow down the speed whenever you like.

start moving along this predetermined path

Use Joystick for Auto or Manual Movement

iMocker also has a joystick for auto and manual movement, so you can adjust the speed and direction of your movement accordingly. Let's figure out how to set it to each mode, respectively.

For the Automatic Mode:

Step 1. Click on the Start icon located right in the middle of the joystick to start walking automatically.

joystick Automatic Mode start

Step 2. Change the direction by using the left or right arrows, swirling the joystick in a circular motion, or using A and D or left and right keys on your keyboard.

joystick Automatic Mode moving

For the Manual Mode:

Step 1. Press the forward arrow to walk ahead. You can also do this by clicking W or Up key on the keyboard.

joystick Manual Mode start

Step 2. To go backward, press the back arrow. This can be done through the S or Down key on the keyboard.

joystick Manual Mode moving

You can adjust right to left as instructed in the manual mode.

Multi-Device Management

With iMocker, you can change the GPS locations of 5 different iOS devices at the same time. Make the most of this feature by using these steps:

Step 1. Once you are on the map screen in iMocker, find and press on the "Multi-device Management" icon in the bottom right corner.

imocker Multi-Device Management

Step 2. This action will bring up the multi-device control panel. Click on the "Add" icon to add a new device.

add a new device

Step 3. Connect the device to your computer and wait for iMocker to detect it. Once the device shows up on the screen, select it and click the "Next" button to move forward.

select a device

Step 4. Once the device is successfully connected, you will see all the connected devices displayed on the control panel. From there, you have the option to set the device status as either "Controlled" or "Uncontrolled."

Controlled means the device is having its GPS spoofed; uncontrolled means the device's GPS is not being spoofed.

set the device status

Import and Simulate a GPX Route

If your friends have given you a GPX file for your game, iMocker can help you simulate a movement according to it. Here's how:

Step 1. Click the GPX icon to import the GPX file you found.

Click the GPX icon

Step 2. Pick the file that you want to import from your computer and click on it.

Pick the file

Step 3. You'll see the route show up on the iMocker map. Click the "Move Here" button.

Move Here

Step 4. Now click the number of times you want to make that route and other adjustments. Click Start to begin the simulated movement.

click the number of times

Now the moving starts according to the GPX file you imported.

the moving starts

More Features of iMocker

Apart from everything that we talked about so far, iMocker has more features that add to its list of pros. With so much going on, it's impossible to keep track of it all. Luckily, I've got it all sorted out here:

Cooldown Timer

The Cooldown Timer option in the app is especially for games like Pokemon Go to avoid getting soft-banned. It helps you abide by the cooldown time limits before moving so you can play an effortless game without being detected.

iMocker Cooldown Timer

Realistic Mode

It also has a Realistic Mode that helps make your movement look more natural. When you turn this mode, the top or bottom 30% of your movement fluctuates every 5 seconds. It mimics how a human would cover distance and takes into account getting tired, sprinting, etc.

joystick Manual Mode moving

Closing the Path Automatically

You can also close a path as a loop if the distance between the stop points is less than 50 meters.

Closing the Path Automatically

If you select "Yes," it will turn the route into a loop, and if you pick "No," the route will stay open for travel.

Closing the Path pop-up

Add Location or Route to the Favorite List

Lastly, you can easily favorite locations or routes so you remember to use them more often.

To do this, simply click on the Star icon that shows up when you see the location pop-up.

simply click on the Star icon

To check your favorites list, just click the Favorites tab.

click the Favorites tab

The Main Takeaway

Now that you've mastered the art of GPS location spoofing on iPhones, go out there and play your favorite location-based games! Make sure to follow the steps carefully so you don't get confused. Let us know of your experience!

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