How to Fly In Pokémon GO without Getting Banned for iOS & Android

by Zahra Michelle Location Tips Published On Aug 14, 2023 Updated On Jan 3, 2024
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When it comes to amazing experiences, Pokemon GO is full of them. However, flying in the game is something out of this world. If you have seen Youtubers hyped about this feature but don't know how to use it, don't worry.

We are not only ready to share the secrets of flying in Pokemon Go, but also going to make sure you keep your account from getting banned.

So grab your Pokeballs, make sure to pack your Pokedex, and let's get right into it!

What Is Flying in Pokémon GO

If you're new to the game, you must've thought flying in Pokemon GO would refer to actual flying, but that's not it. It refers to jumping from one location to another using a GPS spoofer.

Not everyone has great Pokemon in their region. Sometimes you want to improve in the game but are too tired to do so. Situations like these call for a location spoofer, a tool that lets you roam about while faking your location.

This helps you walk around and teleport in the game without actually moving. Feeling like catching some Pokemon from the comfort of your bed? Just spoof your location, and you're good to go. It's like flying but without having to deal with airlines or turbulence.

Fly in Pokémon GO Safely for iPhone with iMocker

One of the safest and easiest ways to fly in the Pokemon GO game is to use the original POGO App with iMocker GPS Changer. It offers a secure and straightforward method of changing your iPhone's location, making it appear as if you are in other places or traveling along a personalized path at a walking, cycling, or driving pace.

Here are iMocker's top features:

  • Teleport your iPhone's GPS in one click with built-in cooldown timer
  • Fake movement between 2 or multiple spots
  • Works with all location-based apps
  • Spoof location for 5 devices at the same time
  • Support iPhone devices running from iOS 9 to 16

If you're ready to try it out, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Download and launch the iMocker tool on your computer. Connect your device and hook it up to the computer.

connect your iOS device

Step 2. Once it has connected, a map will pop up. Click on Teleport Mode. Enter Pokemon GO coordinates from the search bar, and click "GO".

search for your desired location address

Step 3. Press Move Here, and the GPS of your device will be teleported to the location you choose automatically.

Move Here

That's all there was to it. It's an easy and effective way to change your location while having a blast playing Pokemon Go.

Use iPogo to Fly in Pokémon GO

iPogo app can also help you change your location in Pokémon GO without you having to physically move. It's a modified version of Pokemon Go with plenty of cheats and hacks to enhance your experience in the game

The main features of this tool are:

  • Works great for iOS
  • Helps you spoof your location
  • Lets you make real-time movements in the game
  • Easy-to-use app interface

How to install iPoGo

There are three different methods to install iPoGo. You can install it using Signulous, Sideloadly, or on a jailbroken device. Signulous is the most recommended way to install iPoGo, but it is a paid service which costs $20/year or $0.05/day. The rest require you to have a PC and download iPoGo every 7 days because the certificate gets revoked. Here is how you can get iPoGI using Signulous:

Step 1. Register a Signulous account and choose the "iOS Code Signing" option.

Register a Signulous account

Step 2. Make a purchse for Signulous.

Make a purchse for Signulous

Step 3. Log into the signing dashboard on your authorised iOS device, then link your device.

Log into the signing dashboard

Step 4. Find iPoGo in the App Library, then select "Sign App" > "Install App" to download it to your device.

Find iPoGo in the App Library

Step 5. Now go and create a new Pokemon GO account. Link it to the iPogo account and go to Settings and click on Activate. When you open the Pokemon GO app, you'll see some options in the sidebar.

open the Pokemon GO app

Step 6. Go to the map and type on the icon to choose a location of your choice. Let the location change, and then wait for the cooldown period to start playing again.

Go to the map

Just follow the instructions step by step, and you should be good to go.

Use Android Location Spoofer to Fly in Pokémon GO

Android users, your time has come. One of the most common GPS Spoofing tools is the Fake GPS Location - GPS Joystick. While the name may be a mouthful, this tool goes above and beyond to fake your location for games like Pokemon GO.

Some of its coolest features include:

  • It has a cooldown timer
  • Let's you make movement trends
  • Comes with a joystick for movement
  • Works with many GPS-enabled apps

Here's how to make use of it:

  1. To begin, you must enable "Developer Mode" on your device. This can be done in the device's settings. Go to Settings > About Phone and tap "Build Number" at least 7 times.
  2. Now go to the Google Play Store to install the Fake GPS Location spoofer app on to your device.
  3. Once it is installed, open the app and look for "Enable Mock Locations." Tap on this option.
  4. Then tap "Select Mock Location App" in the Developer Options and choose the Fake GPS Go app.
  5. Press the back button to go back to the home screen and then open the Fake GPS Go app.
  6. Select the location that you would like to use on the map that appears, and then simply hit the "Play" button.

With its easy availability on Playstore and beginner-friendly interface, what more could you ask for?

Use Android Location Spoofer to Fly in Pokémon GO

Guidelines to Fly in Pokemon Go without Getting Banned

One of the main concerns all Pokemon GO users have when it comes to location spoofing and teleporting is that they don't want to get banned. You usually get banned for a suspicious movement that the app thinks is impossible.

If you want to spoof your location but continue playing Pokemon GO, here are some tips:

Respect Cooldown Times

Cooldown times help you stay out of the game's radar when it comes to teleporting. It's a time period in which if you walk or try and catch Pokemon, you're stopped from any further activity till a penalty time period. Here are the ideal cooldown times to remember:

  • 1 to 5 km: 1-2 minutes
  • 6 to 10 km: 3 to 8 minutes
  • 11 to 100 km: 10 to 30 minutes
  • 100 to 250 km: 30 to 45 minutes
  • 250 to 500 km: 45 to 65 minutes
  • 500 to 900 km: 65 to 90 minutes
  • 900 to 13000 km: 90 to 120 minutes

Log Out Before Teleporting

Another trick of the trade is to log out of your Pokemon account before attempting to teleport. Not only does this protect your account from getting banned, but it also makes sure the GPS-changing locations don't affect your game mid-change. You can log out by accessing the Pokeball in the middle of your screen and going to settings.

Turn on/off Airplane Mode

Turning off or on airplane mode helps your device when playing GPS-enabled games like Pokemon GO. Simply exit the app and make sure it isn't running, but you're still logged in. Go to airplane mode and relaunch the app. Set the coordinates for your jump and get to spoofing!

Be Careful

Lastly, it is important to know that being careful is the ultimate security against being banned on Pokemon GO. Don't travel distances in a day that a normal person can't, and don't set your movement speed impossibly high. All these factors add up in the long run.

To Conclude

Wow, that was a ride! We covered almost all of the main apps that let you fly in Pokemon GO. If you're worried about which one to get, you should look into which one is the safest.

It's the iMocker, considering it comes with a built-in cooldown timer, lets you set movement routes, and so much more. An app like this can come in handy outside the game as well. This is why it's such a great fit. I know I'd get it, would you?

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